“Gujarat Vidyapith Snatak Sangh” is the largest body of alumni of the graduates of Insitution. Many departments of the Institute have their own alumni associations such as the departments of Computer Science, Social Work, Human Resource, and CSRM. The registered alumni associations in Gujarat Vidyapith are “Gujarat Vidyapith Samajkarya Sangathan” of the department of social work and “Gujarat Vidyapith Computer Science Alumni Association”.

Other unregistered associations which have been formed and working are “Bhutpurva Vidhyarthi Association” of CSRM Randheja and “Microbiology Bhutpurva Vidhyarthi Sangthan” of the Microbiology department.

The alumni association of master of social work department “Gujarat Vidyapith Samajkarya Sangathan” has made effective representation from time to time to protect the interests of professional social workers against the concerned ministers in the government and has also moved to the courts in some cases.

The majority of Gujarat Vidyapith alumni associations have a general alumni gathering once a year. A group of alumni from various departments meets on campus for a few days, explores the campus, and interacts with staff and students. Alumni gatherings usually include a component recognizing current students’ academic accomplishments. Students in the current batches get the chance to engage with seniors. The Computer Science Alumni Association also provides financial assistance to the underprivileged students in their department, as well as economically weaker students in other departments at Gujarat Vidyapith.

The majority of Gujarat Vidyapith students come from rural and tribal regions, and after imbibing education and Gandhian thought here, they return to their places and do valuable work, providing an inspiration and encouragement to new students. Career Counselling and Placement sessions are also held by alumni organisations. Gujarat Vidyapith is proud of its alumni who are embodying the Gandhian principles and aiding the underserved and underprivileged students via different methods. They are making a vital contribution to the growth of society and the country in this manner.